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Metric M5-0.8 Metric M6-1 Metric M8-1.25
#8-32 (Coarse thread) #10-24 (Coarse thread) #10-32 (Fine thread)
SAE 1/4"-20 (Coarse thread) SAE 1/4"-28 (Fine thread) SAE 5/16"-18 (Coarse thread)
SAE 5/16"-24 (Fine thread) SAE 3/8"-16 (Coarse thread) SAE 3/8"-24 (Fine thread)
SAE 1/2"-20 (Fine Thread)
Button Head Dimension Table
Size Head Diameter Head Height
M5-0.8 9.5mm 3.3mm
M6-1 9.4mm 3mm
M8-1.25 13.8mm 4mm
1/4"-20 .434" 0.132"
1/4"-28 .434" 0.132"
5/16"18 .537" .176"
5/16"-24 .537" .176"
3/8"-16 .651" .199"
3/8"-24 .651" .199"
1/2"-13 0.650" .200"
1/2"-20 0.650" .200"

Titanium Button Head Bolts

We are a top manufacturer of custom-made titanium button head bolts. Our selection of metric button head bolts and SAE button head bolts are perfect for retrofitting sports cars, watercrafts and other equipment to reduce weight while increasing strength. Titanium button head bolts are half the weight of steel with twice the strength of aluminum. When used for marine applications, our bolts offer strong, corrosive-resistant properties you won’t find anywhere else. We test all of our products on the racetrack to ensure they can withstand the rugged use that comes with high-performance use. Check out our button head bolt kits find everything you need in one convenient pack.

Not all bolts are created equal. We engineer our button head bolts to be lighter, stronger and better. Buy now to enjoy our competitive prices and fast shipping on all orders, or contact us and we’ll custom build titanium button head bolts to fit your specific needs.