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Titanium Alloy Bolts

Not all bolts are created equal. We bring aerospace material to the mass market. We stock standard Ti Alloy metric and SAE fasteners, and we also custom-build to your design and specification. Our lightweight fasteners are perfect for retrofitting existing applications including high-performance racing cars, trucks, watercrafts, and sporting gear. Our advanced titanium alloy fasteners provide upgraded performance without sacrificing strength and reliability. We deliver the benefit of the comparable strength of steel at half of the weight with twice the strength of aluminum.

We engineer our titanium alloy bolts to be lighter, stronger and better. We carry the widest selection and offer application specific kits for your projects with bolts, washers and nuts together to ensure a perfect fit. If you don’t find what you want, we will custom-build it for you. Buy now to take advantage of our affordable prices and fast shipping or contact us and we’ll custom design exactly what you need.