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SAE #10-24 (Coarse thread) SAE 1/4"-20 (Coarse thread) SAE 1/4"-28 (Fine thread)
SAE 5/16"-18 (Coarse thread) SAE 5/16"-24 (Fine thread) SAE 3/8"-16 (Coarse thread)
SAE 3/8"-24 (Fine thread) SAE 1/2"-13 (Coarse thread)
12pt Bolt Head Dimension Table
Size Head Diameter Head Height
#10-24 0.400" 0.220"
1/4"-20 0.375" 0.250"
1/4"-28 0.375" 0.250"
5/16"-18 0.450" 0.310"
5/16"-24 0.450" 0.310"
3/8"-16 0.574" 0.330"
3/8"-24 0.574" 0.330"
1/2"-20 0.715" 0.510'
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3/8"-16 x 1-1/2" 12 Pt. Ultra-Light Flange Bolt, 3/8" Wrench, PVD Black
140Ksi, Machine-Finish Ti64

Titanium 12-Point Flange Bolts

Let me introduce our new family of titanium metric and SAE 12-point flange bolts as they quickly gained popularity recently. All of our 12-point flange bolts are designed and engineered to retrofit your existing applications to reduce the weight without sacrificing the strength. With twice the strength of aluminum but at half the weight of steel, our Titanium 12-point flange bolts are lightweight and high strength for the reliability you need in any high-performance application. With our direct source of Ti alloy materials and manufacturing capability, we bring this aerospace-grade advanced material to performance-conscious racing community at affordable prices and with a vast selection. If you donít find what you need on the website, contact our engineers for a custom build to your specification.

Let us retrofit your next project with our selection of 12-point flange bolts. It is a fast and sure way to enjoy upgraded performance at competitive costs. Buy now to take advantage of our competitive prices and fast shipping, or contact us for well-engineered custom 12-point flange bolts to your exact specifications.