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Titanium Sprint/Midget Car Kits

We carry the highest quality sprint and midget car bolt kits. We offer sprint and midget car fasteners, suspension kits, clevis & pin kits, and a wide variety of other necessities for your high-powered car.

The tracks can be rough and abusive on your sprint car. You deserve the option to upgrade your vehicle with the best parts available. Here, we’re offering the best kits for assembling or improving your sprint or midget car. In the spirit of the race, you want as much of a competitive edge as possible. With our Titanium alloy bolts, studs, fasteners, etc., you get the best of the best in mechanically engineering your car for maximum performance. Our parts are lightweight, durable, and prevent corrosion for longer periods of time than traditional steel or other materials. Browse our selection kits and parts to find the right additions to your sprint or midget car. Every second counts! And don’t forget to take advantage of our fast and easy shipping.