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Metric M12-1.5 Metric M12-1.75 (Coarse thread) Metric M14-1.5
Metric M16-1.5 #10-32 (Fine thread) #12-24 (Coarse thread)
SAE 1/4"-20 (Coarse thread) SAE 1/4"-28 (Fine thread) SAE 5/16"-18 (Coarse thread)
SAE 5/16"-24 (Fine thread) SAE 3/8"-16 (Coarse thread) SAE 3/8"-24 (Fine thread)
SAE 7/16"-14 (Coarse thread) SAE 7/16"-20 (Fine thread) SAE 1/2"-13 (Coarse thread)
SAE 1/2"-20 (Fine thread) SAE 1/2"-20 (Fine thread) Reduced Head SAE 5/8"-18 (Fine thread)
SAE 3/4"-16 (Fine thread)
Our Forged Hex Bolts are made from Grade5 Ti-6Al-4V titanium alloy, indicated by the dimple on the head. They have a guaranteed minimum tensile strength of 140ksi. Thread quality matches that of our premium fasteners making these the best value in titanium fasteners.