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Metric M4-0.7 Metric M6-1 Metric M8-1.25
Metric M10-1.5 Metric M10-1.25 Metric M12-1.75
Metric M12-1.5 Metric M12-1.25 #8-32 (Coarse thread)
#10-24 (Coarse thread) #10-32 (Fine thread) SAE 1/4"-20 (Coarse thread)
SAE 1/4"-28 (Fine thread) SAE 5/16"-18 (Coarse thread) SAE 5/16"-24 (Fine thread)
SAE 3/8"-24 (Fine thread) SAE 3/8"-16 (Coarse thread) SAE 7/16"-14 (Coarse thread)
SAE 1/2"-13 (coarse thread) SAE 1/2"-20 (fine thread)
Parallel Socket Head Dimension Table
Size Head Diameter Head Height
M6-1 10mm 6mm
M8-1.25 13mm 8mm
M10-1.5 15.4mm 10mm
M10-1.25 15.4mm 10mm
M12-1.25 18mm 11.5mm
M12-1.5 18mm 11.5mm
M12-1.75 18mm 11.5mm
#8-32 0.270" 0.164"
#10-24 0.312" 0.190"
#10-32 0.312" 0.190"
1/4"-20 0.375" 0.250"
1/4"-28 0.375" 0.250"
5/16"-18 0.469" 0.312"
5/16"-24 0.469" 0.312"
3/8"-16 0.562" 0.375"
3/8"-24 0.562" 0.375"
1/2"-13 0.750" 0.450"
1/2"-20 0.750" 0.450"

Titanium Parallel Countersunk Socket Head Screws

Our parallel socket head screws are forged from high strength titanium alloy material. These 140 KSi parallel socket head screws include a wide selection for metric and SAE applications. Titanium parallel socket head screws are perfect for retrofitting racecars, watercrafts or any performance conscious and weight sensitive applications. With twice the strength of aluminum but at half the weight of steel, we engineer these parallel socket head screws to be lighter, stronger and better. Like all our Ti alloy bolts, these socket head screws are not just built, they are engineered for performance. Buy now to take advantage of our competitive prices and fast shipping, or contact us and our team will custom design exactly what you need.