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The current IndyCar Series top speed is 235–240 mph on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. At that speed, weight, strength and reliability are critical to the performance of every IndyCar. That’s why Ti64 titanium is the top choice for so many IndyCar teams today. In fact, we supply titanium components to support the drivetrain, chassis and aerodynamics for nearly every IndyCar on the track. We offer a complete IndyCar bolt & stud kit to give IndyCar teams the competitive edge they need. Drive to win and lighten up today with Ti64 titanium.

Our experience with metallurgical and mechanical engineering speaks volumes to our customers. We proudly stand by our products made with the aerospace industry workhorse alloy, Ti-6Al-4V, recognized for superior strength-to-weight ratio, durability and extreme corrosion resistance. You’ll find our prices on top quality Ti64 titanium merchandise surprisingly affordable. Worldwide shipping is fast and easy, too!