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Titanium Fasteners

The best engineering is performed with the best parts for the job. Why entertain the idea of anything less than the best? Here, we offer SAE fasteners that are not only corrosion resistant fasteners, but lightweight as well.

For automotive fasteners, Titanium is an efficient and practical solution with long-lasting results. They’ll not only reduce weight, but increase strength and overall performance. Click around our selection of bolts, washers, nuts, and studs to find the right parts that meet your specifications. These lightweight fasteners are also perfect for sporting equipment and similar materials geared for mechanical engineering. Ti64’s Hex Flange, Hex Head, Socket Head, Tapered-Socket, Button-Head, Countersunk, and most nuts and washers are made from ASTM B348 Ti-6Al-4V with a minimum tensile strength of 140ksi. All Ti64 fasteners have rolled threads, forged heads, and forged sockets (where applicable), not to mention weighing at or close to 50% less than their steel counterparts. All of our merchandise is competitively priced, with excellent results. Take advantage of our fast and easy shipping, too!